(initial and further training within the company)

In order to ensure the safety of each workplace, it is necessary to introduce both the employer and the employees to the results of the risk analysis and how to keep the working environment safe.

Therefore, the following topics will be discussed
during the instruction:

  1. occupational health and safety requirements of the company,
  2. I help employees choose a working environment commissioner,
  3. the results of the risk assessment of the working environment, including the risk factors of the employee’s working environment, health risks and what to do to prevent health damage,
  4. safety requirements for the work to be performed and the work tool(s) used,
  5. ergonomically correct working positions and techniques,
  6. use of common and personal protective equipment,
  7. how to act in case of health damage, including the use of first aid equipment and their location, emergency number 112 and contact details of the first aid provider,
  8. electrical and fire safety requirements,
  9. instructions for behavior in the event of an accident, danger signals used in the workplace, locations of evacuation accesses and routes and fire extinguishing equipment,
  10. how to avoid polluting the environment.
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