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Risk Analysis

Assessment of hazards and risks affecting workers in the work environment.

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Instructions & Documents

Preparation of occupational safety manuals and other documents.

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Introducing the hazards of the work environment and instructing employees.

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Consultation & Audit

Consulting in conducting an audit of the working environment and meeting occupational health and safety requirements.

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Work Environment Specialist Service

Responsibility for occupational safety. A flexible approach considering the specifics of each company.

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Internal Control

Mandatory work environment inspection (audit) at least once a year.

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Work Process

A professional work environment safety specialist has a well-thought-out system.
This system consists of three main parts:

Identification of Needs

Finding out the current state of the work environment and planning future activities. These activities help to prepare for the next step.


The safety specialist comes to the workplace, makes all the necessary measurements and collects information about the work environment, the work process and the employees. The goal is to get an overview of how the work environment currently works and what changes or additional measures could be implemented to improve it.


After gathering information during the audit, a risk analysis is prepared with recommendations for drawing up an action plan. According to the agreement, the necessary instructions and forms will be issued. If requested, a staff training is provided.

Alar Tiimla

Specialist in his field

Alar Tiimla is an work environment safety specialist with long-term experience who takes every project seriously. He has been an occupational safety partner in Estonia since 2010, and during this time he has ensured the safety and maintenance of hundreds of customers’ workplaces. He is a professional in his field, who has said: “”Every person finds their calling in a certain place, my role as a safety specialist is to make sure that this work environment is safe and secure.”

If necessary, Alar involves various cooperation partners who help to solve even the most difficult situations and carry out activities that require special knowledge.


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